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Description of a typical call and DIY tips:

Suddenly none of the elements on top or inside heats up. However, I can see light inside the oven, indicating there is power. Why is this happening?

It is unlikely that all elements or controls burned out at the same time.

The cause could be in your circuit breaker panel or fuse box, in stove's large receptacle, cord, or inside the appliance itself.

Doing the following could kill you. Do not DIY!

If the wall plug is dead or half dead (which is probably your case) then one fuse or half of the double breaker is out. Check, replace, reset and fix it.

Turn the double breaker in the panel on. Test the large outlet beneath and behind the appliance. The correct voltage tester reading between hot black and hot red should be from 208V to 240V. And from 0 V to 1 V testing ground to white.

And you should get 110V to 120V readings:
black hot to neutral white (as marked on the face of the receptacle)
red to white
black to round ground contact
red to ground

If all readings are like that, the receptacle is OK, and the fault lies in the unit itself. You now need to call an appliance repair shop.

But first unplug it or shut off the circuit breaker, lift up the lid near the wall and look for blown fuses.

If that did not work, inspect the cord and its male plug for burns or damage. Your next step is to remove the back cover plate of junction compartment. Turn the breaker back on and check voltage where terminals are connected to the cord at the lower/back part of the stove. Use the testing instructions above.

If the readings are correct, call a repair shop. If volts are different, if you are confused or found nothing, then call us.

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