Kitchen Renovation Electrician in Toronto. Kitchen wiring and repair

Renovating kitchen? Need wiring or electrical repairs in Toronto?

Call us to:

move a light in kitchen
install pot lights in Toronto
electrician to relocate a light
house kitchen electrical repairs
electrician to hook up a dishwasher
add a wall plug above kitchen counter
under cabinet wiring and light installation
move an outlet box, relocate a junction box
Etobicoke renovation kitchen wiring electrician
electrician does kitchen wiring during renovation
Toronto electrician to add a wall plug in the kitchen
add a new switch, light, wiring; relocate a light fixture
move stove outlet plug, run dedicated line to dishwasher

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A couple of tips:

Do not install drywall until all electrical, plumbing and HVAC rough in work is done

Think over and prepare a list of all appliances, wall outlets, switches and lights well in advance

Thoroughly mark with large stickers all device locations on the open frame and envision the completed kitchen with each device in it

Call an electrician

Together check and re-check three times that each and all wires are in place to each wall socket, switch and light

Make sure each microwave, dishwasher, fridge, stove, cook top, oven, etc. is on a dedicated circuit

Keep in mind, if you forgot even one wire or line, installing it on the finished wall would cost you up to 30 fold more time and money (and cuts on the newly put up drywall) than on the bare frame!

This electrician can do the entire kitchen wiring for $350 - $500 when the frame is open. The same work done on the finished wall could cost you up to $3000

And sometimes ripping off the old plaster and installing new drywall during kitchen renovation could cost less than keeping the old drywall. Especially if you plan to move or add several new electrical, HVAC, and plumbing outlets